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Players Report Being Softbanned from Dark Souls II


A number of players from Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin have reportedly been softbanned from the game. By being softbanned, players have run into difficulties summoning other players for battles or co-op play. Technically softbanned players can still play online, just with very limited functionality. While it’s not a new practice by any means, it’s typically reserved for players caught cheating online. But the amount of players being softbanned from Dark Souls II as of late has been raising a few eyebrows.

While no clear reason has been identified so far, many Dark Souls II players now believe that part of the reason behind the softbans is due to a new fan-made mod. Called DS2fix, the patch fixes a number of bugs that From Software is only starting to address, including removing corrupted items from the game and fixes the game’s infamous durability bug. While a game changer, many players are wondering if From Software isn’t flagging users who use the mod.

However, the mod’s developer reportedly stated that he doesn’t believe DS2fix can be detected. Still, the fact that the mod has become very popular with many Dark Souls II players does indicate that something may be behind the theory. In fact, Bandai Namco has been advising players against installing any mods to avoid any potential softbans.

And yet mods like DS2fix have become popular among fans, simply because they help the game function better out of the box. Should mods be identified as the reason behind the rampart softbanning of Dark Souls II players, expect a lot of backlash from loyal players.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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