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PlayStation 4 Still Dominating Console Sales Charts

by William Schwartz


Sony has recently announced its holiday sales figures, and apparently the PlayStation 4 is continuing to perform well for the company. This looks especially true through the holiday season, where Sony sold more than 6.2 million units. This data was collected world wide, with a slight difference on the dates for North America and Latin America.

That holiday push brings Sony up to 53.4 million consoles sold as of January 1st, 2017. This includes all PlayStation 4 consoles sold from launch date in their respected territories. Sony also revealed that that another 50.4 million copies of games were “sold in” during the holiday season. This took into account both retail and digital downloads.

The big benefactor of this growing installed base appears to be Naughty Dog and their Uncharted series. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End “sold through” more than 8.7 million copies as of December 21st, 2016.  This is a big number for the series.

Sony promising more for PSVR and PS4 Pro in 2017

The press release did add the customary note about the success of the console, with the President and Global CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Andrew House, explaining “We are truly grateful for the tremendous support from our fans and partners, which has helped make this holiday season one of the best in our history. We will aim to continue the momentum this year by broadening the PS4 title portfolio, further enriching the revolutionary gaming experiences on PlayStation VR and high quality gaming experience on PlayStation 4 Pro, while also expanding network services. We will remain steadfast in making the PS4 the best place to play.”

While Microsoft stole the better part of 2016 with their Xbox One S in terms of sales. The fall rush of PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation VR, and the remodeled PlayStation 4 Slim seems to have gotten Sony right back on track.

Sony is absolutely blowing out their competition at this point. After Microsoft’s stumble a few years ago, they’ve never quite managed to catch the PlayStation 4. In a historical context, the PlayStation 4 and its many variations seems on track to topple even their best-selling console of all time.

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