PlayStation 5 Beta Firmware Update Introduces M.2 SSD Support

Alos including Trophy Tracker, an updated Friends tab, and more.

by Noah Hunter
PlayStation 5

With the latest beta firmware for PlayStation 5, M.2 SSD support for the expandable port has finally been unlocked. Both models of the PlayStation 5 each include an SSD on board, with a capacity of 825 GB each. From there, users will now be able to add another SSD assuming it meets requirements. Support has been locked for users to add in an SSD, mainly as a result of models not being available. The PS5 requires very specific read/write speeds, and we just saw the first PlayStation 5 compatible SSD get revealed this week. Prices will not be cheap on these, with the top model costing $1000 for 4TB of storage.

This beta update also contained new features besides the unlocking of the SSD port. One of which is the Trophy Tracker. With this, players can pin up to 5 trophies per game in the control center for easy access, which will allow tracking completion of them much easier than scrolling through the entire trophy list. Another brand new implementation is with PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming service. Users can now toggle between 720p and 1080p, which is beneficial for those who might need lower resolution depending on connectivity. PlayStation has also added the ability to read and write messages through the game base without opening up full-on chat, a highly requested feature. Finally, users can now see PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 titles separately, as they will no longer be grouped up in one game. They will each be displayed separately with a key note of what version it is.

These features will be available to all users in a future PS5 main firmware update, and those who do not want to wait for them can always sign up for the beta program. We cannot wait to see these implemented in the PS5 and the many features that will surely come after it down the line.