PlayStation Now November 2021 Lineup: Mafia Definitive Edition, Final Fantasy IX, and More

From mobsters to movers and adventures in the Mist Continent

by Carlos Hurtado
PlayStation Now November 2021

PlayStation revealed many of their game lineups for this November. If you are one of the lucky players who have a membership, you will be surprised by the new additions that will come this month. From silly party games to GTA-style games are in this month’s PlayStation Now edition.

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Today, the official PlayStation website revealed this month’s lineup and a lot of players are going to be surprised by the games they will get to play. PlayStation Now is PlayStation’s alternative to Xbox Game Pass. Every member of PlayStation Now gets access to more than 800 titles from PS4 and PS5 consoles, and every month new games are added. Constantly increasing their game library and offering new titles.

PlayStation Now November 2021 Lineup: Mafia Definitive Edition, Final Fantasy IX, and More


Mafia: Definitive Edition will make you go back to the 1930 and visit the exciting and beautiful Lost Heaven as Tommy Angelo. A cab driver turned mobster who will have to put his values aside once he realizes how much money can a tough guy make. You will get to experience all the city landscapes, architecture, cars, and culture based around the prohibition era. The amount of details and accuracy is remarkable for a title like this. If you want to know more about Mafia: Definitive Edition, go to our review and find out if the title is worth playing.


Totally Reliable Delivery Service is Gang Beats meets Death Stranding. The silly party game mixes intentionally exaggerated physics, crazy missions, and co-op. The game is set on a small island where more than 50 missions take place, posing as hard challenges for many players. The game shines when a full party of four players is in the same game. The title offers players lots of vehicles from helicopters to speedboats, letting players choose their routes and ways of making their deliveries.


Final Fantasy IX was originally released in 2000 on the original PlayStation. Long-time fans of the series will get to experience one of the greatest games of all time. Since its release, it’s been ported to many devices, but now players will get to play this classic on their new systems. Players will get to go back to the Mist Continent once again, one of the four main lands of Gaia. Play as Zidane and get to discover many of the secrets that this land holds.


Celeste is a 2d action platformer that nails every aspect of good platformers. Fast-paced action, beautiful backgrounds, upbeat music, interesting movement mechanics, and more. The game has around 700 “screens” and even some B-side chapters to the bold players who choose to go that route. Help Madeline fight her inner demons in this exciting and dangerous adventure. Check out our review if you are interested in the title.

PlayStation Now members are going to be able to experience some of the greatest games of recent years with these new additions.