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PlayStation TV Sales Skyrocket After Price Drop

by Damian Seeto


It looks like the recent price drop for the PlayStation TV device has caused a huge surge in sales over in the UK.

As reported by VideoGamer, Amazon UK saw a huge increase in PlayStation TV device sales. Before the price drop it was ranked as Amazon’s 151st most purchased item in the video games category. It has now skyrocketed to the 11th spot.

The PlayStation TV device saw a near 50 percent price drop earlier this month. It usually cost £84.99 but now it’s only £44.99. When people see a bargain, they usually take advantage of it.

The PlayStation TV device came out last year, but was met with mixed reviews. It was advertised as a micro-console and has similar features to the PS Vita. However, there are some flaws that it has.

Even though it can play PS Vita, PSP and PSOne titles on your TV, not every game is compatible with the device. I personally tried out the device myself, but was disappointed a game like Uncharted: Golden Abyss wasn’t playable for it. Not to mention certain apps like YouTube doesn’t work on it either.

The best use for the PlayStation TV device is that it can do Remote Play for PS4 games. For non-PS Vita owners, this device is a cheaper way for you to stream PS4 games onto another TV.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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