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Pokemon Go: First Look at Special Party Hat Pikachu

by Kyle Hanson


To celebrate Pokemon Day starting next week, all Pikachu in Pokemon Go will be wearing a special party hat. Much like the Santa hat wearing Pikachu from the Christmas event, these hats will remain o.n the Pikachu you catch indefinitely, possibly making them valuable trading items whenever that feature is added to the game.

The original announcement gave lots of details, but we didn’t see the actual Pikachu model, but the official Pokemon Twitter account changed that today. You can see the final design in the pic above, showing a Pikachu with a purple, pink, and blue party hat. The event will last all week, starting on February 26th and ending on March 6th.

The big question that hasn’t been answered about this Pokemon Go event is whether or not Pikachu’s spawn rate will be increased. During the Christmas event the relatively rare Pokemon did get a boost, making them appear much more frequently. This allowed players in more rural areas to actually catch a few of the special Pikachu. Hopefully Niantic will do the same thing with this new Pokemon Day event, otherwise these guys will be pretty rare.

Pokemon Go has been shifting a lot lately, with the playerbase dwindling not too long ago. However, a series of updates and events have brought a lot of players back. This is especially true of the addition of Gen 2 Pokemon, which have added 80 new Pokemon for players to catch. Even those who were well into the late game now have new things to do, see, and experience in the game.

This late game content has been one of the biggest complaints, as Pokemon Go moves toward its one year anniversary in early July. Gen 2 definitely helped, and will take a while for players to finish catching, but hopefully Niantic has plans for what to do next. Mobile games have to always be growing and changing, and Pokemon Go has been doing that lately.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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