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Pokemon Go’s First Legendary Pokemon Revealed, Raids Coming Soon

by Kyle Hanson


Pokemon Go Fest was pretty much an unmitigated disaster, but at least one good thing has come out of it. Players at the event will receive Lugia as a special bonus to compensate them for the server and other problems. Along with this it was announced that Lugia would be the first Legendary Pokemon made available in the game. Players can fight and catch Lugia as part of Raids, which will have an extra long timer before hatching. But Lugia isn’t the only Legendary Pokemon heading to Pokemon Go.

Articuno was also unlocked thanks to Team Mystic catching the most Pokemon during the event. Of course, Mystic is the largest team, so few were surprised by this revelation. Either way though, players all around the world will have a chance at Lugia and Articuno some time soon.

How the whole thing will work isn’t completely clear yet, but apparently Legendary Raids will begin rolling out over the next few days. These special eggs will appear atop gyms and give players a two day heads up as to when they need to be ready. The fight will be tough, so hopefully you can rally a team together. Once it hatches players will work together to defeat the Legendary Pokemon, with victory giving you a chance to catch it.

Lugia will be up first according to reports, and Articuno will start appearing later on. Moltres, Zapdos, Mew, and Mewtwo should also appear at some point, though there was no word on when. Perhaps Niantic is working on a second Pokemon Go event, though hopefully with some extra work put into the planning stages this time.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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