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PS4 System Update 3.15 Is Going Live Tonight

by Dean James


System updates have become incredibly important over the last two generations of gaming and the PS4 is no different. Since getting the major firmware update with 3.00, we’ve only had a few smaller ones and later tonight will be bringing us yet another one.

As announced through the official PlayStation Twitter account, the PS4 will be getting an update at some point tonight to firmware 3.15. However, they make a big point to say that this one isn’t a major update of any sort.

“PS4 system software update 3.15 is coming tonight – it’s a minor update designed to improve system performance.”

This will obviously be quite disappointing, as there are still plenty of features not available on the PS4 that we’re waiting on, which helped spawn a variety of campaigns earlier this year for a better PSN.

While this is a stability update, hopefully they are continuing to work on other more important updates for the near future. Sony certainly does take their time with their updates, so there is really no telling when another one could be coming.

As of right now, they have not announced if the PS Vita is getting system update as well, as sometimes they come together. No specifics were given on the release window tonight, but just know it should be ready for you upon waking up in the morning if all goes as planned.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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