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PSN Appears To Be Down For Maintenance Right Now For Some (Update)

by Dean James


Earlier today, we told you about the announcement that PlayStation Network would be undergoing maintenance this coming Thursday, which even said that gamers who have signed in since October 8 will not have their service interrupted at all. However, it appears that they have either started a couple days early or are doing something entirely different right now, as PSN is down for some.

While Sony previously said that most would not be kicked off, some posters on NeoGAF are already reporting that happening on PS4 by being given the “PSN is undergoing maintenance” message regardless. I have no issues on my PlayStation 4 right now at all and have been playing for the last couple hours. However, the PlayStation app on my phone and the online PlayStation Store are completely down.

The PlayStation app on mobile devices has varied from saying PSN was undergoing maintenance to saying error C-80ae0c03 has occurred. The overall situations seems to be sporadic, with the app and web store being down most commonly, so you may not even have any issues. Either way, this is likely just something small they are doing to prepare for the larger downtime on Thursday, so hopefully it will be back up fully soon.

Update: It appears that PSN is back up and running for most everybody at this time. This may have had to do with the new update released for PS Vita this evening, so the maintenance scheduled for Thursday should still be a go.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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