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PSN No Longer Needs Workaround To Work

by Dean James


The last week or so has not exactly been a good one for both PSN or Xbox Live, with both seeing a good bit of downtime courtesy of the hacking group Lizard Squad. Luckily, it appears the worst is behind us and both systems have been restored. However, as we told you yesterday, some gamers were still experiencing problems connecting to PSN exclusively on PlayStation 4. We provided you with a workaround that even Sony pushed as the method that should be used for those still having issues. The great news is that Sony has once again updated the network and says this workaround is no longer needed.

Through the official Ask PlayStation Twitter account, the following message was tweeted out last night:

  • “Update for PS4 users: We’ve made recent updates to the network that should allow you to sign in without changing MTU settings.”

This is extremely good news, as the younger gamers or those who are not very tech savvy would likely have had a lot of problems with the workaround provided. Even while pretty simple to adjust, it is much better to not have to have to go through all of these extra steps just to connect to PSN.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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