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PSO2 New Genesis – Closed Beta 2 New Content Revealed

New enemies and features were showcased in the livestream.

by Victor Vellas


PSO2 New Genesis Prologue 2 Livestream is now over, and the team behind the anticipating new entry presented us with a lot of information in regards to new content and features, for the upcoming Closed Beta 2 and launch of the game. The first CBT was confirmed as a success, with the developers gathering huge amounts of data and feedback from the players themselves. In the livestream, they touched on loads of info that was gathered through the short event, and how they are planning to improve on everything mentioned, in the upcoming second beta. Additionally, they confirmed a couple of expected facts for the official release, such as weapons types that are being added to the launch roster.

PSO2 New Genesis Prologue 2 Livestream Breakdown

The focus of the conversation in the livestream was about content that’s going to be included in the CBT 2 that’s closing up, and eventually in the full game. Below you can find all the info that was shared with everyone, and some additional comments.



Further details about the Exploration Sections were revealed, including the fact that up to 32 players will be able to explore the same area, within the same instance. Some info to World Bosses was also given publicly, with Gigantix monsters that appear in certain conditions, taking the spotlight.


New Enemies

New enemies were also announced, with explanation as to how they function, and some extra details about already existing creatures.


Fashion and Character Creation

Character creation was also discussed, as we now confirmed what was already briefly mentioned in the past, that Outerwear and CAST Parts will be ticket based, without taking any space in our inventory. This is something huge in regards to inventory management, as everyone had dozens of cosmetic items such as these, occupying a lot of space.

A new item category is introduced, Setwear, which will occupy the same slot as Basewear. Also, Weapon Camos will finally be equipped per Weapon Category, in contrast to PSO2 where only one generic Weapon Camo could be equipped at a time.


Class System and Character Progression

The way Classes progress in this game is significantly changed to PSO2, with your Sub-Class’s stats not affecting the Main Class you have equipped. To compensate for that though, all weapons, PA, Techniques that are available for
the Sub-Class, can be used with your main one.

A rather important change as well, is the fact that you will now earn Skill Points through Cocoons and Towers, instead of when you level up your character Class. Existing weapon will also be able to proceed to a ‘Limit Break’, where you can simply enhance them to increase their max level. This in essence allows weapon to follow you through your journey, without the need to urgently find some new ones giving you more leisure as you explore the world. A Battle Power visual system is also implemented, acting as a visual representation of your character’s strength, in numbers.


New Weapon Categories

One of the most exciting new info, was the addition of extra weapon categories to the already existing Classes. While these weapons do exist in PSO2, it remained a mystery up until now if we will see the in the next beta, or even at the launch of the game when time comes.

They showcased a good amount of gameplay with each of them, with smooth attack animations and fast paced combat, even with slower weapons like Talis and Launcher. We need to wait and see how they actually function in game, but what was shown, was a very promising start.

Closed Beta 1 Survey Results

Finally, the team thoroughly discussed about the results of the first beta, and based on that data, what is eventually going to be looked upon in order to improve the game, based on players’ feedback.


  • Positive feedback:
    • The new action Photon Dash feels good to use.
    • Attack actions have been revamped and feel great.
    • Issues with PSO2 such as chains have been improved.
  • Negative feedback
    • It was sometimes difficult to aim at the target with close range weapons.
    • Cancel timing is slow so it’s hard to evade attacks.
    • Enemy strength and EXP isn’t balanced.
    • Aside from Hunter and Force, Sub-Classes don’t have useful skills.
  • Changes for Closed Beta No2
    • Improve aim priority when the player chooses target lock-on view.
    • Ease the cancel timing of guarding with a sword.
    • Increase the HP, Attack Potency, and EXP of all Dread Enemies.
    • Increase the HP, Attack Potency, and EXP of all Pettas Vera.
  • Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch
    • Revise cancel timings for all weapons.
    • Plan to add several Class Skills.
    • Adjust which Skills are usable from a Sub-Class.


  • Positive Feedback
    • The character in PSO2 got upgraded and looks pretty.
    • The effects are pretty and battle actions feel nice.
    • The scenery is beautiful, taking screenshots is fun.
  • Negative Feedback
    • The character’s face feels different in the Salon and in the field.
    • I can’t make the face I wanted with new face patterns.
    • Other player’s effects are too bright.
    • In battle, there are times the screen shakes too much and it’s hard to see.
    • It’s too dark and hard to see during night.
  • Changes for Closed Beta No2
    • Unify the Character Creation and Salon Screen view.
    • Include new face patterns.
  • Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch
    • Reduce the effects from other players.
    • Reduce the screen shake effect.
    • Reduce he level of darkness at night.

Quest/ Map-related

  • Positive Feedback
    • Gathering is connected to the weapon enhancing cycle.
    • Matchmaking at the location feels like an open field game which is good.
    • The seamless and natural matchmaking is great.
    • It is fun to travel around with the diverse terrains that have been prepared.
    • The world is huge, it’s fun being able to go anywhere.
  • Negative Feedback
    • There aren’t enough N-Grinders.
    • It’s hard to understand where different Minerals are.
    • Matchmaking sometimes failed.
    • Party Members sometimes wouldn’t join matchmaking.
    • Inventory quickly fills up.
  • Changes for Closed Beta No2
    • Increase opportunities for acquiring N-Grinders.
    • Adjust the Mineral Gathering locations.
    • Reduce the drop rate of low-rarity weapons and armor to a suitable amount.
    • Proceed with Material Storehouse implementation that was planned for post-launch.
  • Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch
    • Make Urgent Quest matchmaking easier to understand.
    • Review rules about party members accepting quests.
    • Increase information about what kinds of matchmaking outcomes will occur beforehand.

UI/ System-related

  • Positive Feedback
    • Traveling with the Warp feature is useful.
    • The Menu Items are organized.
  • Negative Feedback
    • Storehouse UI isn’t easy to browse or understand.
    • Task-related guides aren’t accurate.
    • The font is small and hard to see.
    • The Mini-map and Radar Map are unclear.
    • Level Up notifications and the Chat take up a lot of space.
  • Changes for Closed Beta 2
    • Adjust where to send Level Up notifications and its size.
    • Adjust the transition switching to and from the main menu.
  • Changes for Launch or Shortly After Launch
    • Improve the Warehouse UI to be easier to use.
    • Strengthen the accuracy or Task-related guides.
    • Make the font easier to see.
    • Improve the Mini-map and Radar Map.
    • Adjust the central chat size.

With that, we covered what was mentioned in the Prologue 2 Livestream, in regards to new and revamped content. Closed Beta 2 is almost here, so hopefully, we will have even more results by the end of it, sending us a step closer to the full release. Stay tuned for more news to come.

PSO2 New Genesis is set to release in 2021, for PC and Xbox.


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