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PUBG Xbox One Patch Released To Reduce Lag and Game Crashes

by William Schwartz


The launch of PUBG on the Xbox One has been far from perfect, but a second patch for the game has been released that addresses a couple of problems that players have been encountering.  The patches have been released on the server side so you won’t see an update to the game.

The update should fix the game client crashes that players have been experiencing that boots them out to the Xbox One dashboard and forces them to reconnect to the game.  The second is an update that reduces the intermittent lag that’s found in the game.

Those who’ve been having problems with the PUBG Xbox One authentication issues should be seeing a fix soon.  The developers say that they’ve made progress on the problem and that it should be completely resolved shortly.

PUBG on the Xbox One is definitely rough around the edges on the Xbox One and quite a few paces behind the PC version that recently released in 1.0.  Problems should be expected, however.   The game is currently available as part of the Xbox Game Preview Program which allows consumers to purchase a game that is under active development.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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