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Rainbow Six Extraction Will Have Cross Play

We will be able to carry our progress across different platforms.

by Robert Pezic


The new trailer just dropped for the new cooperative Rainbow Six Extraction, and it focuses on cross features that go from playing together to sharing progress across all platforms.

The upcoming chapter of the Rainbow Six series that focuses on cooperative gaming for three operators will be a complete cross-play game. This includes all option, from killing some aliens with some friends that are playing on PlayStation or Xbox to shifting progress from one platform to another.

So, if you are playing on PC and want to continue later on PlayStation or Xbox consoles – you can because everything is streamed and resumes where it left off. In addition, the new trailer reminds us of the benefits that Siege players will receive if they decide to also try some cooperative action and go on adventures in Extraction.

When the game comes out, we’re going to have a choice between 18 different Rainbow Six operators – with each operator having a specific set of weapons and abilities to learn, improve and master, basically like Rainbow Six Siege – but with an added progression system. We will also get 12 different maps at launch with procedurally generated challenges. Cooperation will be very important in these challenges and we will have to approach each of them tactically.

The operators we will be able to choose from at launch are going to be Ela, Sledge using his hammer to break walls, Alibi using her holographic decoys, Lion who is gonna track movement, Vigil, Hibana with her sticky explosives, Doc who is going to be the main healer character, Finka who is going to be the secondary healer character and Pulse who will have a portable wallhack.

Rainbow Six Extraction arrives on September 16 on PC, Stadia, Luna, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and in addition to all of that, the game will be within the Ubisoft + program.


- This article was updated on July 17th, 2021

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