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Rainbow Six Siege Is Having Another Free Play Experience This Weekend

by Dean James


Rainbow Six Siege has definitely had one of the more interesting roads since launch of most games in the last few years. After launching to mostly okay reviews due to a lack of content, Ubisoft really improved on the game overall. What really helped to sell it to more was having a free play weekend and they have now announced that they will be having another this weekend.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 is about to kick off soon, with the upcoming DLC being showcased in a new trailer that we told you about yesterday. To try and add even more to the player base ahead of this launch, Ubisoft has revealed that there will be a free play weekend for Rainbow Six Siege that is being advertised as running from February 2 through February 5, though it technically is through the 6th.

This free play weekend will kick off on Thursday and will be available to players across all three platforms that the game is available on, Xbox One, PS4, and PC. For Xbox One, you can go to the Rainbow Six Siege product page starting at 3:01 am ET on February 2 to download it and it will be available until 2:59 am ET on February 6. PS4 will be handled the same way, though it will start at 1:00 pm ET on February 2 and run until 1:00 pm ET on February 6. PC has the shortest period, as it goes live through Uplay at 1:00 pm ET on February 2 and will end at 4:00 pm ET on February 5.

As with the past free play weekend, this will include the entire game for you to experience, with you able to play with anyone that has the full game or free trial downloaded. For those that enjoy the trial well enough, you will be able to purchase the full game for 50% off for a short time after it ends as well.

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