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ReCore Launch Trailer Prepares Us For An Emotional Journey

by Dean James


ReCore was first announced during the Microsoft conference at E3 2015 and was kept relatively under wraps through a lot of the past year. The very intriguing game is finally almost here and with that has come the game’s launch trailer that gives a little hint of the emotional journey we’ll be experiencing.

The premise of the trailer revolves around a goodbye letter written by the protagonist Joule Adams’ father that has him trying to guide her since he can’t be there to do it himself due to some situation being worse than they imagined and what we’re assuming is the cause of his death, or at least the reason he is not being involved in the game at this point. We see plenty of footage of the game, with him narrating over most of it.

Her father mentions that he has left three things with her, loyalty, elusiveness, and brute force, which have been imparted in three robotic companions that we know from elsewhere are named Mack, Seth, and Duncan. He continues on with saying that she must use these abilities to make it through her journey, which we also get a little bit of a glimpse of in the trailer.

There is some evil robot shown off that is trying to get a core, which we’ll definitely be learning more about soon when ReCore launches on September 13 for Xbox One and Windows 10.

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