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Remedy to break silence on Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break


Remedy Entertainment is currently working on Quantum Break as an exclusive for Xbox One. Though the developer has gone silent since a gameplay reveal during the Spike VGX, popping up only once for an interview with Edge.

Though Remedy says that silence is about to be broken. According to Sam Lake, Remedy is readying a release of a new Quantum Break video and news about the game very soon.

“Getting lots of questions about Quantum Break. Happy to say we’re releasing a video with some news really soon,” the developer said via Twitter.

Earlier this year, Remedy revealed the choice and consequence system for Quantum Break, explaining that they were aiming to make choice in games “more meaningful for gamers and more engaging.”

It’s unclear if this new video will be released at E3, or sometime prior.

Quantum Break E3 Trailer

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