Resident Evil 7 Season Pass Content Revealed

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by Mike Guarino

The launch of Resident Evil 7 is just around the corner, but the release of the main game is just the beginning of what fans can expect to get from the game in 2017. Capcom has now detailed the game’s season pass, which will include seven separate releases of DLC by the time 2017 comes to a close.

The announced content did not come with any details that really delves into what each piece of content will offer, but we have a rough idea for now. They also did not reveal the price for the season pass, but it would appear to be somewhere around $30 considering the game’s deluxe version that comes with the season pass is $90 compared to the standard $60. The following is what will be coming with the season pass:

  • Banned Footage Vol. 1
    • Nightmare
    • Bedroom
    • Ethan Must Die
  • Banned Footage Vol. 2
    • 21
    • Daughters
    • Jack’s 55th Birthday
  • Additional Story Episode

Resident Evil 7 is set to be a departure for the series as it shifts the third-person perspective to first-person, as well as featuring a much greater emphasis on survival horror compared to previous installments. Capcom also recently confirmed that the game would be more difficult than previous entries in the series, which is being done as a way to add more tension and fear into the gameplay.

The experience will be made even more tense by playing it in virtual reality, which will currently only be possible through PlayStation VR. A company even went so far as to make a “4D” candle to go along with the VR experience, which smells like old timber and blood.

Capcom most recently released a new trailer for the game called Welcome Home, which is yet another creepy look into the game’s twisted world. You can check that out below. Resident Evil 7 will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on January 24th.

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