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Retro Themed PS4 Pro Ad Calls It “The World’s Most Powerful Console”

by Dean James


The PS4 Pro is less than two weeks away from release and it will certainly be interesting to see how well it sells. There has been a lot of controversy about the console since it was officially unveiled back in early September, but a new ad for the console is really pushing it being the most powerful console on the market.

There are plenty of different sectors of PlayStation around the world and the official PlayStation UK Twitter posted an interesting new ad for the upcoming PS4 Pro.

This 45 minute commercial features a retro style setup, which really makes the commercial quite funny to watch. It almost looks like it is out of the ’70s, with it referring to the controllers as “cord-free player paddle joysticks,” which is definitely trying to play off the Atari. The commercial really tries to sell the PS4 Pro, especially with the ending part that states it is the “the world’s most powerful console.”

While the Scorpio is going to eclipse whatever the PS4 Pro offers specs wise, though likely at a much higher price, the PS4 Pro definitely will be the most powerful console on the market for awhile. The PS4 itself has been more powerful than the Xbox One as well, so it is pretty smart of Sony to use marketing like this to push the console while they can.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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