Roast Sinners in “Hell Architect” Releasing Today on PC

Torturing Souls is Your Responsibility

by Aaron Nashar

Renaissance PR today has just announced the newest Leonardo Interactive title “Hell Architect” the game where you can torture sinners in creative ways, is releasing today on PC.

In “Hell Architect” players will take the role of well.. hell’s architect. You will be the one responsible for finding all the creative and new ways to make sinners pay for their misdeeds in their lifetime. The game promises to be gory in all the fun and humorous ways.

In this game, players will be under the watch of the HR department, they will have to devise creative new ways to torture souls continuously to squeeze out as much suffering as possible from these poor souls.

Capitalist Hell

Players’ main task will be working their way down the corporate ladder of hell, in order to gain the approval of all the devils they’ll meet on their way to the biggest devil himself, Lucifer. The amount of screams and torture gained will be evaluated and judged, so be prepared.

Hell Architect will allow players to flex their creative muscles to build and design hell and all its 9 infamous levels. Players will want to start with the most basic building like power stations and canteens as they expand into bigger and more hellish projects.

Harvesting resources is a major component of the game, constantly using those resources to build infrastructure is key for players to be able to make room for the constant stream of newly damned souls, this will require proper management skills.

Players will of course also have the choice to either punish disobedient souls or just torture random ones for the fun of it.

Hell Architect launches today on PC via Steam and GOG for $24.99 or €22.99.