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Rocket League Update 1.30 Rolling Out for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

by Kyle Hanson


A new Rocket League update is rolling out now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. “But Rocket League just got an update,” I hear you saying. Yes, that’s true, and it was a big one, bringing with it a bunch of fixes for the game as well as the brand new Hot Wheels DLC and PS4 Pro support. However, with any update to a game there are bound to be more issues to fix afterward, which is exactly what Rocket League update 1.30 is meant to fix. Here’s the patch notes.

“Fixed an issue with the ball collision code, changing it back to pre-v1.29 (Hot Wheels update) conditions in all Offline matches, and Free Play. This update has already been pushed out to our servers for Online matches. Toppers (Cavalier, Mohawk, Pixelated Shades) now correctly display on all Battle-Cars. Fixed an issue with Twin Mill III engine audio not following the Battle-Car.”

So no big game changing patches here, but some nice fixes for problems lingering from before, or introduced with Rocket League update 1.29. The ball physics one seems like the most important, with many players reporting problems with how the ball interacts with objects and the environment for a little while, especially after update 1.29 hit.

Rocket League is a game that is built on physics. There aren’t really any combos or special maneuvers. Your car and the ball do certain things, and everything after that is all about how you utilize the physics engine to best serve your needs. This means if the physics don’t work, the game doesn’t work. We saw this before with the goalposts, which were a major problem for a little while.

OK, maybe “major problem” is overstating it, but when you watched a ball that was definitely going in simply bounce away at an odd and definitely wrong angle, it felt like a major problem in that moment. Psyonix has been great about fixing this stuff though, as evidenced by Rocket League update 1.30.

- This article was updated on:February 27th, 2018

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