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Rockstar Seems To Be Teasing New Red Dead Announcement

by Dean James


Rockstar Games is one of the premier developers in all of gaming, so people take notice whenever they make any sort of tease. One game that many gamers have been dying to see announced is a sequel to Red Dead Redemption and it appears Rockstar is possibly teasing just that.

There have been many rumors of impending announcements about a new Red Dead game for awhile now, but Rockstar has strayed away from doing the teasing themselves. However, this time they are joining in with either an upcoming announcement or a really big troll.

This morning, RockStar Games’ official Twitter tweeted an image of a simple image of the Rockstar logo upon a red background, along with some sort of dirty marks in the background.

This image looks almost exactly like that of the marketing used for Red Dead Redemption, as well as in the different loading screens in the game, so this made people think some news may be coming soon.

This wasn’t just a single tweet either, as they have changed both their profile picture and cover photo to this red logo and background on both Twitter and Facebook, while also changing the official Rockstar Studios website background to red as well.

Rockstar is known for their iconic black and yellow logo, so they wouldn’t just be changing this for no reason. Red Dead Revolver was just released on PS4 as a PS2 classic, but this seems like a lot of changes just for that, especially with them already announcing that release early last week. With so many leaks pointing to a new Red Dead at least being in development, it looks like we may finally be getting an announcement soon, unless Rockstar is just going out of their way to troll their fans.

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