Rumor: Developers Unhappy With The New PS4.5 Neo

by AOTF Staff


While rumors about an upgraded PlayStation 4 have been swirling since GDC, yesterday’s more formal confirmation of the PS4.5 “Neo” has gotten the gaming community at large talking about what this means for consumers.  While public reactions to the news seem to be mixed, apparently “most developers” aren’t excited about it.  That is according to Colin Moriarty of Kinda Funny Games (ex-IGN senior editor).

Most developers are not happy with PS4.5

Moriarty took to Twitter to reveal that “a trusted source tells me most developers are not happy with PS4.5, and having to develop around it.  Extra cost, planning, other nonsense,”  reads a Tweet.

An article published yesterday revealed that there would be some extra hoops for developers to jump through when it comes to making games for both the standing PlayStation 4 and the console that is codenamed “Neo,” that features more powerful specs and the ability for developers to tap-in to more powerful hardware.

While Digital Foundry calls this upgrade to the PlayStation 4 a significant one, many believe that this new console isn’t so much about gaming or extra HP for the upcoming PlayStation VR, and more of a ploy to sell more UHD televisions as the new console would be able to play 4K video content.

Time will ultimately tell if the PS4K ushers in a new era of fidelity on the PlayStation 4, but apparently developers aren’t too keen on the idea right now.  With E3 2016 just a couple months away, we’ll likely be hearing all the specifics in short order.

With E3 an annual battleground for console makers, this year is shaping up to be surprisingly interesting.  Nintendo should be introducing the public to their NX.  With so much talk of this PS4.5 Neo, it’s seems like a shoe-in that Sony will officially announce this new hardware at the show.  While nothing has been heard from Microsoft, earlier this year their were rumblings of console improvements at a Microsoft event, which could signal that Microsoft is readying something of their own to compete with both.

- This article was updated on March 9th, 2018

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