Rumor: Nintendo NX Controller Images Leak Again

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Speculation has surrounded the Nintendo NX ever since it was first announced as the successor to the Wii U. The big question on everyone’s mind is, what will the controller be like. Ever since the Wii, Nintendo has been pushing controller technology, introducing motion controls, and the touchscreen that is found on the Gamepad. With the NX they seem to be going even further, but few have seen the actual controller, with a leak earlier this month giving what seemed to be the first look.

Now we have another set of images which seem to corroborate the first leak, showing a very similar device, but in much better quality. If these leaks turn out to be true, then the controller appears to be a small device with two analog nubs. Buttons would presumably be on the touchscreen, with many speculating that some type of haptic feedback technology will be used so that players know where the buttons are on the screen.


This was said by the leaker to be the controller for the console unit, as it is part of the dev kit provided to developers. The Nintendo NX is said to bridge the gap between home consoles and handheld gaming devices, so this could be a standalone portable device as well.

One extra bit of evidence that this might be a legitimate leak of the Nintendo NX controller is that reflections in the image seem to match up to the outside of Ubisoft Massive ‘s headquarters, indicating that the story of this being a Dev Kit might be true. If so, the developer could be in big trouble with Nintendo, and the person who posted the images even more so.

We expect to hear more official news on the Nintendo NX as we get closer to E3 2016, so keep checking back.

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