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Scarlet Spear Will Bring Massive Revisions and Squad Link to Warframe

DE has adopted a new motto: "Review, Revise, Refresh."

by Brandon Adams


Today’s Devstream #139 for Warframe was absolutely stuffed with information, with Digital Extremes laying out not only the next major update coming to the game, but a host of long awaited refinements and revisions. It’s a doozy of a steam, and the workshop write-up attached to it isn’t what anyone would call short, yet contained within are tweaks Tenno have been requesting for years.

Scarlet Spear is a new story update, but a mainline in early March will bring a hoard of changes to the game.

To start, the next major update will kick off the New War story arc in Warframe with Operation Scarlet Spear, which will see the Sentient forces invading the Sol system. The operation will introduce the long-teased Squad Link function to the game, which allows Tenno on both the ground and in Railjacks to team up and assist each other with shared objectives.

More radical are the changes debuting shortly before Operation Scarlet Spear in early March. First of all, Railjack onboarding is being simplified, with resource costs to build your space-fairing destroyer being reduced dramatically (between 66% and 77%, and the time to bake each piece cut down to six hours). Tenno that have already begun or completed Rising Tide will have whatever they spent above the new limits refunded, and Tenno in progress will continue the quest with the new reduced blueprints.

Furthermore, enemy armor, shields and health are seeing an overhaul and are moving towards an S-curve, which in turn means players are receiving some love. Warframes now fall under the Tenno archetype for shields and armor, seeing a removal of all weaknesses and neutralization, reduced shield recharge times, shields reducing all damage by 25%, and a new shield gating function to ensure enemy damage does not diminish a player’s health pool until a shield completely pops (Toxin status aside, which will bypass shields, and Slash will now bypass armor).

There is an absolute wealth of additional revisions coming just before Operation Scarlet Spear to Warframe, like making the accuracy of high level enemies not as large a factor as it once was, the removal of self-damage, a monster buff to Status and Status mods (like, going from 15% to 90% status chance increase), excavators finally scaling with higher level content, a cleaning up of mission rewards, and so damn much more (we are getting a FOV increase to 90; rejoice!).

The full breakdown can be found in the Dev Workshop posted on the Warframe forums, and the video of the Devstream above breaks everything down. Needless to say there is plenty to dig through, but it’s worth it for both long-time and newer Tenno. As for me, well, consider me excited to tool around with both Operation Scarlet Spear and the upcoming changes.

- This article was updated on:February 28th, 2020

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