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Warframe – How to Unlock Railjack Construction

Prepare for Empyrean with the latest title update.

by Brandon Adams


Coming hot off the heels of The Old Blood, Warframe has deployed the Rising Tide quest, and you can start building your Railjack today! Well, maybe not today, this is Warframe after all, but you can get the quest within a day, assuming you have a wealth of resources banked, and don’t mind spending some Plat.

Go to your clan dojo and build the new Dry Dock for your Railjack.

To access the Rising Tide quest itself, you first need to build a Dry Dock in your dojo. This room is massive, and players have had issues finding the space for it. The simplest solution thus far has been to place it on the first floor on a side where there is nothing above (this thing is as tall as it is wide). Once you have found your ideal location, you will construct it as you would any other room, with material costs scaling based on the size/rank of your clan.

You will need 20 capacity, and 6 energy to build the dry dock, and material requirements are thus:

  • Ghost: 200,000 Credits, 25,000 Salvage, 850 Circuits, 15 Tellurium, 1 Forma
  • Shadow: 600,000 Credits, 75,000 Salvage, 2,550 Circuits, 45 Tellurium, 3 Forma
  • Storm: 2,000,000 Credits, 250,000 Salvage, 8,500 Circuits, 150 Tellurium, 10 Forma
  • Mountain: 6,000,000 Credits, 750,000 Salvage, 25,500 Circuits, 450 Tellurium, 30 Forma
  • Moon: 20,000,000 Credits, 2,500,000 Salvage, 85,000 Circuits, 1,500 Tellurium, 100 Forma


The dry dock won’t be too bad for a solo or smaller clans to build, but the larger clans will need to come together to build their dry docks (though, I know some of you more veteran players can likely fund Moon’s costs on your own). This will take 12 hours to build, but can be rushed with Plat. Once the Dry Dock itself is built you will need to then build a fancy new Cephalon to run it.

Head inside your new Dry Dock and find the Research console. From there you will need to spend resources to, well, research the blueprint (just as you would any other blueprint from the Dojo labs). I do not have the material requirements for clans above Ghost, but lemme simply say this: if you’ve been slacking on your Fieldron, Detonite Injectors, and Mutagen Masses then get ready to craft up a gaggle of them. A Ghost clan will need 25,000 Credits, 5 Mutagen, 5 Detonite, 5 Fieldron, and 2 Orokin Cells to start the research. This cannot be rushed with Plat, but it only takes an hour to complete.


Once that is done you can purchase the finished blueprint and craft your Railjack Cephalon at your Foundry. The crafting costs are the exact same as the Ghost clan research costs, so you will need more Fieldron, Detonite, and Mutagen to construct your new A.I. You can rush this with Plat, but at six hours it’s not the longest cook time to bear.

After you collect your new Cephalon you’ll unlock Rising Tide proper, and can access it from your Codex. This quest will see you collect a Railjack part in a mission, bake it (with one of the new mats, no less), then repeat until your space-fairing ship is completed.

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- This article was updated on:November 26th, 2019

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