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Scorn: New Horror Game Looks Like Alien Mixed with Dead Space

by Kyle Hanson


The horror genre is in a very weird place right now for video games. At the same time as we’re seeing some big innovation in the indie space, our AAA studios and franchises have largely failed us with Silent Hill and Resident Evil shifting away from what made them great (though the latter looks to be reviving itself with RE7). Meanwhile, indie studios have taken up the slack, and it looks like another indie horror classic could be on the horizon with Scorn.

The game, which just released its first teaser trailer, looks like a gloriously gory mixture of Alien and Dead Space, or Alien and David Cronenberg, or just Alien and pretty much anything else that has creeped you out, or made you have nightmares. Currently looking for support on Steam Greenlight, Scorn is a first-person horror title “set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry.”

The teaser trailer only shows a snippet of gameplay, which looks to be first-person shooter-esque. Your weapon even fits into the aesthetic, with a biomechanical look and feel. The rest of the trailer is used to setup the world of Scorn, showing its impressive visuals, and its gleefully disgusting designs. The world has the feel of HR Giger throughout, but not in a way that feels cheap or copied.

Scorn is looking at a release date some time in 2017 for PC. The game will be split into two parts with the promise that that will be all there ever will be for the game. No DLC, no sequel, just these two parts and it’s all finished.

Scorn Teaser Trailer

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