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Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Extended Due to Technical Issues

by Kyle Hanson


Rare has extended the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta, now going until Wednesday, January 31st. The beta will end at 8am GMT on that date, so if you’ve preordered the game or received a code through other means, make sure you hop on and check it out before then.

The issues were fairly wide spread over the first day and hours of the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta. Will and I tried to get on last night, for example, and it was nearly impossible to join a game together. Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer focused game, so this ruined a large stretch of our time with the game, but once it got us together it was a ton of fun.

That seems to be the gist of everyone’s thoughts surrounding the game so far. If you can get four players together, all with microphones, it’s a really good time. The beta does limit your gameplay choices though, so many are wondering how deep the final release will be. So far players can sail the open sea, guiding their ship via the map. There’s treasure chests to buy, which direct you to various islands. You then have to search around a bit, either using the map or following clues, to find the chest, which can be brought back and sold for profit.

Sea of Thieves is still set for a March 20th release on Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Gameplay #2

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