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Shenmue III Launches This November, Coming to the Epic Games Store

The long wait is nearly over.

by Alex Levine


Yu Suziki, the creator of the series said it himself, “The wait is nearly over.” And in fact, its sooner than we think as Shenmue III now has an official release date, November 19, 2019. We finally got to see some in game footage of the game itself, and despite being a work in progress, Shenmue III looks absolutely beautiful.

The quick time event playing style seems to be alive and well within the series, as it is also one of the most famous, and infamous games to use it. Regardless, the seamless transition of each sequence appears to be fluid and without distraction. Again, we have to stress that this is still a work oni progress, but we can’t deny that seeing it firsthand made us giggle with excitement. We also see Ryo converse with some NPC’s, but we’re unsure if it will eventually lead to him searching for some sailors or not.

It’s been a long time coming, a little too long if you ask us. The series began way back in 1999 when the Sega Dreamcast launched, and at the time it was the most expensive game ever created. To be fair, it also transcended what video games could be perceived as, instead portraying it as a show or a special narrative from the perspective of one man. Now we don’t think that Shenmue III will make those same leaps and bound, but we’re happy to see it come out this year nonetheless. Shenmue III launches on November 19 for the PlayStation 4, and now for PC on the Epic Games Store.

You can check out the gameplay trailer here:

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