Should Ciri Be the Main Character of The Witcher 4?

Ciri should take center stage in the next Witcher experience, here's why!

by Gordon Bicker


The Witcher 4 has been revealed and with any reveal arrives speculation about the next installment of any franchise will bring. There has been one widely discussed element about the latest Witcher reveal and that is the particular medallion seen in the image of the reveal. However, one element that players will also be wanting to discuss is if Ciri will be the main character of the latest experience. She certainly has a lot to bring to the table and the question remains if we will see her as the main presence throughout the game. There is no release timeframe for The Witcher 4 yet however, we do know that it is being developed with Unreal Engine 5.

Ciri had a number of times she was playable in The Witcher 3 and it was always a joy playing as her. The flashy abilities that were omnipresent and the sense of ecstatic mobility were always there. She also had a lot of stories to tell and while many players were playing through the game and even afterward, they still wanted to learn all about those stories left untold.

Ciri would absolutely be a great fit for the main character of the next installment, there is so much potential with doing so as she has so many ties to other fan-favorite characters of the series, and getting to play fully as her will allow us to utilize her powers even more and truly understand to the fullest extent who she really is. Furthermore, it would certainly mean that there was another strong female character as a main protagonist once again which we can always use a lot more of.

Of course, Ciri belongs to the School of the Cat and the medallion in the image shows what is thought to be the School of the Lynx. Although this particular school has never had a canon appearance as of yet and this, therefore, means the true unveiling behind the school is still to be observed. As mentioned in the linked article, Ciri may actually be the person to form this school and the path of the main game follows that creation journey and all of the adventures that form from it. After all, she has been taught by Geralt at points and will surely know what it means to truly teach others the ways of the craft. Ciri should take to the main stage for this next installment.

The Witcher 4 has no release date as of yet and will be utilizing Unreal Engine 5 for development.

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