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Sledgehammer Games Teases Upcoming Call Of Duty 2017 Title

| January 2, 2017

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Sledgehammer Games, the developers who brought you Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare that was greeted with mixed review from the playerbase and are apart of the three year developer cycle for producing the Call Of Duty titles are starting the new year off in the biggest way they can.

This, of course, is teasing on Twitter what fans of the Call Of Duty franchise can expect to see be released once November rolls around. Though nothing much is shown in the teaser video featured below aside from gears moving the pad lock to showcase the numbers “2017”.

Check out the video below:

Though, according to a few Youtubers it seems that Sledgehammer is doing a complete 180 in terms of the era where their second Call Of Duty title will take place. As quite of few Call Of Duty personalities noted that if you were to change the digits of each number of the padlock to the previous number it’ll read “1906”.

If true, I personally will welcome this change as in my personal opinion the shooters that take place in the modern/future era is getting a bit stale after all of these years. However, if Sledgehammer Games decide to go through with a early 20th century shooter, it could face the same problem that Battlefield 1 is currently facing which is a lack of diverse options for weapons to choose from.

Regardless of whatever Sledgehammer Games has in stored for the Call Of Duty franchise this year,  it’s pretty safe to say that we will get a real first look at the game once the NBA playoffs comes around  late April/early May if history would repeat itself once again.

Are you looking forward to the next Call Of Duty title? If so, sound off below on what you wish to see Sledgehammer Games include in this installment of the long running franchise.

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  • Sexy Mcgee

    I wish they grew some balls and went all out with a fantasy setting. black Ops 3 did with it’s SP and it turned out the better for it. I’ve been wondering about what COD would be like with a steampunk or Road Warrior style post apocalyptic setting

  • Allen

    lol I be n wondering what they would do. Following in Battlefields footsteps lol.

  • Guester

    Well. We do know it will be using the cod2 engine. So I guess a cod2 remaster. I bet they were already copy and pasting some sci fi cod. Saw bf1 success and startEd copying cod2 and W@W assets a couple weeks ago. Easy pz when you never need to update an engine ever.

  • Fluffy

    You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please whiny little bitches who can’t handle change and variety without pissing their pants and having a meltdown, or pathetic haters who hop aboard the hate bandwagon thinking their worthless trash talk actually matters or because they can’t stand to see the continued success of a franchise that’s known more success than they ever will in their entire lives no matter how hard they try to tear it down. As the saying goes.

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