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Sonic Forces Showcases ‘Casino Forest’ Stage in New Video

by Jose Belmonte


Sega has shared a new video showcasing one of the levels of the upcoming Sonic Forces. What is interesting about this stage in particular, called Casino Forest, is that it is played using the traditional 2D perspective from the classic Sonic games, reassuring longtime fans that the new game will offer them their favourit gameplay style. As its name clearly indicates, the stage is set in a casino built by Eggman in the middle of a forest forest, with lots of slot machines and other elements serving as the platforms players need to reach in ortder get through to the end.

Sonic Forces is the second title to celebrate the franchise’s 25th anniversary following the excellent Sonic Mania. Forces combines a strong focus on the narrative with a wide variety of gameplay styles, including modern 3D levels with classic 2D sets, precisely like Casino Forest. Apart from that, players will also get to control multiple characters, including Shadow the Hedgehog. While Sonic Forces is a very ambitious project, the demo for Nintendo Switch we played at EGX 2017 did not leave us the best of impressions.

Sonic Forces launches for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on November 7. Watch the new gameplay video below.

Sonic Forces – Casino Forest Gameplay

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