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Sony Gives Free PS Plus Extensions to Disaster Victims

by Kyle Hanson


Over the last few months the US has been rocked by various levels of natural disaster. Mostly hurricanes in the south east, but some other as well. While the full details aren’t clear just yet, it seems that Sony is offering some support for victims of these disasters, in the form of free PlayStation Plus extensions.

In my case, I was in the path of hurrican Irma, which blazed up the coast of Florida back in September. The destruction wasn’t too bad, but most Floridians lost power for some time, including myself. Yesterday I received an email from Sony promising a free month of PS Plus, which would be automatically added to my account.

“We recognize many members of the PlayStation community have been affected by recent natural disasters,” reads the email. “We have extended your current PlayStation Plus membership by 1-Month.”

The one month field might be dependent on your location, and I could even see those impacted by hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico receiving even more time, though there’s no word yet on if that is the case. No matter what, this is a nice gesture from Sony, helping ease some players’ tension surrounding their PS Plus membership, which could have been impacted by power outages or travel.

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