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Sony Pushes Back Release Dates For Shadow of the Beast and Alienation

by Jason Eliason


Sony has pushed back the release dates for two of their upcoming titles, Shadow of the Beast and Alienation.  According to the PlayStation store, Shadow of the Beast, formerly slotted for a January 27th release, is now set to launch on March 2nd.   Alienation has been pushed back from March 3rd to the 23rd.

Shadow of the Beast is a remake of the 1989 side scrolling platformer.  Originally released for Commodore Amiga, the game has since been ported to a multitude of different consoles, SNES included.  The game was followed by two sequels, SotB II in 1990, and SotB III in 1992.

The promising new twin-stick shooter, Alienation was announced last year at Paris Games Week.  Due to the game’s fairly new publicity, it isn’t odd for Sony to have pushed it back a few weeks.  Shadow of the Beast on the other hand has had a long history of press.  First announced during Gamescom 2013, the PS4 exclusive hadn’t seen an official release date until only recently.

The two games’ release dates pair closely to the upcoming titles, Unravel (March 31) and This War of Mine: The Little Ones (January 29).  All of the aforementioned titles will be available as digital copies and, hopefully, will remain in the 1st quarter of Sony’s fiscal year.

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