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Sony Raises Earnings Estimate Thanks to PS4 Success, Still Expecting Overall Loss Though

by Kyle Hanson


Sony has issued revisions to their financial forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31st, 2015. The changes raise their overall outlook, taking them from an operating profit of $167 million to $567 million. The changes are largely attributed to the well performing PlayStation division, which has seen great success with the release of the PS4. The music division, along with the overall company restructure also played a factor. However, while this is certainly great news, especially for PlayStation fans, it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Sony as they are still expecting an overall loss for the year.

Net losses for this fiscal year are expected to hit $1.05 billion, down from $142 billionn, which is pretty staggering even with the better prospects these changes indicate. These losses come from Sony’s many other divisions, with the electronics section taking up a large portion. That area has seen many bad years as of late, with closures hitting the laptop division, and the TV portion being spun off on its own.

There is no doubt that Sony as a whole has been struggling these last few years, but with the PS4 taking a hefty lead in the eighth generation console race, they at least have some success to lean on in these troubled times. If they can work out the problems in their other divisions, while maintaining their current success in the gaming arena they could easily turn things around and get back on top overall.

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