Sony’s 10% Off Voucher Doesn’t Include Pre-Order Purchases

by AOTF Staff

PlayStation fans around the globe were happy to hear that Sony was going to reimburse fans and anyone affected by the PSN outage during the holidays, with a 10% off voucher to use on items in your cart during checkout this weekend. However, if you were planning to use that voucher on a pre-order for any of the many titles releasing in the near future, sadly that just isn’t going to fly.

PlayStation has updated their original blog entry with word that game pre-orders are excluded from this promotion. This just adds to the list of exclusions including video rental content, and subscriptions to PlayStation Plus, Music Unlimited, and PlayStation Now. Although the limitations are a bit disappointing, namely the inability to get a discount on PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus services, it is completely understanding that Sony is doing these sorts of limitations. However, the limitation on pre-ordering upcoming titles is a bit discerning considering I think that is what many fans would like to purchase at a discounted rate.

Sony has also implemented a five-day extension on PlayStation Plus for all those effected by the holiday outage. The 10% off coupon will be delivered in time for this weekend and fans will have until 1/26/15 at 9:00 AM to complete their transaction with the aforementioned coupon.