Sora Almost Didn’t Make It Into Smash

And where would we be without Sora?

by Noah Nelson


Sora, the beloved protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series, has finally been added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After long debates over who should be added as the final Smash fighter, Sora was chosen. But, Sora’s journey to join Smash wasn’t an easy one. Here’s how Sora almost didn’t make it into Smash.

If you are unfamiliar with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or the way in which they add new characters, know that it’s quite the process. As a combination of balance, fan favorites, and character variety, Smash characters are chosen with care and consideration. Characters from practically every video game avenue have made their way to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. With 89 playable characters, Smash usually sticks to Nintendo mascots like Mewtwo, Shulk, and Samus, but they have invited non-Nintendo characters as well like Joker from Persona, Steve and Alex from Minecraft, and now Sora from Kingdom Hearts.

Sora’s road to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, as translated by @PushDustIn and @KodyNOKOLO on Twitter, sees new light from Masahiro Sakurai’s, the game director for Smash Ultimate, final weekly column. Apparently, just like Figher Pass 1, the Fighter Pass 2 DLC was supposed to only have 5 characters, all of which were decided precious to FP2’s launch. Sakurai and his team all knew that it would be highly unlikely and near impossible to include Sora into Smash. Sora would never join Smash.


But, in a chance crossing, Sakurai was able to meet up with a Disney representative at a certain awards show and talk about adding Sora into Smash. After many meetings with Square Enix, Nintendo, and Disney, filled with long and careful discussions, Sora was confirmed to be the unexpected 6th fighter to join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. After a difficult process to get the look of Sora and his attacks okayed by Square Enix and Disney, Sora was added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as their last fighter on October 18, 2021.

While some fans were disappointed that they didn’t get Crash Bandicoot or Doom Slayer, the majority were extremely excited, welcoming Sora with open arms. Personally, Sora was the first video game character I ever played as a kid and is a huge part of my identity today. Needless to say, I’m happy Sora is a part of Smash, too.

If you’re still upset with Sora being added to Smash, maybe this is your cue to check out Nickelodeon’s All-Star Brawl. Though it is missing some final polish and sound effects, All-Star Brawl is much more than just a Super Smash Bros. copy. Plus, it has tons of friendly faces from your favorite childhood shows. Whether you stick with Smash or hop into All-Star Brawl, stay tuned for what’s next to come from both games.

Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch.

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