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Spiritfarer Roadmap Reveals More to Come in 2021

Four new spirits will need Stella's assistance, and there will be a new island and event later this year.

by Brandon Adams


Spiritfarer was easily one of my favorite games of 2020, but I didn’t expect Thunder Lotus Games to reveal a roadmap for 2021. It appears I’ll have a few new reasons to revisit the game and have my heart sundered, because Spiritfarer is about to grow quite a bit throughout the year. An expansion of Stella’s story, some quality of life improvements, four new spirits to usher into the great beyond, and even a new island are all aboard for 2021.

Spiritfarer Roadmap includes new spirits, island and more all slated to appear in 2021.

In an article shared over at their official website earlier today, Thunder Lotus Games unveiled their 2021 roadmap for Spiritfarer. As with most roadmaps the content was broken down by seasons, so we don’t know the exact dates all of the new content and adjustments listed will arrive. Still, I’m all for having more reasons to revisit Spiritfarer, and what is being teased has certainly caught my interest. Here’s what to expect, per the roadmap released today:

  • Spring
    • New Spirit (Lily).
    • More Stella story content.
    • Improved Co-op.
    • Quality of life improvements.
  • Summer
    • New Spirit (Beverly)
    • New boat buildings, collectibles and recipes.
    • Quality of life improvements.
  • Fall
    • Two new Spirits (Jackie and Daria)
    • New island
    • New boat buildings and resources
    • New Event

Thunder Lotus didn’t reveal much more than this, yet they did share some of the new Spirits’ backstories. Lily is Stella’s younger sister, and she will only appear on the ship at night. Beverly is Stella’s old neighbor, and alongside her debut will be the new Archive Room ship building. Collecting Acetate Sheets will be crucial to utilizing this new Spiritfarer addition, though how we obtain them remains a mystery. Finally, Jackie and Daria will arrive as a duo in a run-down hospital, where Jackie acts as Daria’s caretaker.

Thunder Lotus will share more details for each update once they settle on their release dates, and all of the upcoming content from the Roadmap will be free to all those who own Spiritfarer. I personally can’t wait to jump back in, even though I know full well Thunder Lotus will find yet another way to crush my soul with Spiritfarer’s fantastic writing. You can read the full Spiritfarer roadmap article here if you’d like to see the new spirits in motion.

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