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Splitgate Is Launching Its Own Forge Mode Before Halo Infinite

They Apologize and Promise They Too Love Halo

In a funny Twitter gag that turned sour real fast for Halo fans, Splitgate has officially announced that it will be launching its own Forge mode before Halo Infinite does. The news came in a form of a tweet reply to KFS Gaming saying “Trigger an entire fanbase with one sentence”, to which Splitgate came right out of the gate to reply with “Splitgate will have forge mode before Halo Infinite.”

Halo fans might want to hold back the urge to go on a Twitter raid to hurt Spligate’s feelings because they followed up this news by apologizing to Halo fans and promising they love them in the same tweet.

Splitgate followed up this very special way of announcing a new game mode in another tweet further explaining their commitment to bring back the Arena Shooter genre with which they grew up. They again reaffirmed Halo fans that they too are huge fans of classic Halo, and are excited for Halo Infinite.

It’s worth mentioning that Halo Infinite was originally supposed to bring back the fan-favorite forge mode at launch until 343 had to announce the unfortunate news of its delay last month. Halo Infinite is now set to add Forge Mode 6 months after its launch, and co-op mode 3 months after its launch.

Developer 1047 Games now promises a historic launch for Splitgate and staying as an independent studio after successfully raising $100 Million. The developer now promises they will hire a lot more developers which will allow the studio to implement more frequent updates as well as fix updates faster.

“Everything is now on the table, and the scope of what we can achieve just got 10x bigger!” said 1047 Games in a statement. The company is now valued at $1.5 billion according to

Splitgate is now available for free on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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