Sports Journalist Talks More WWE 2K22 News Including Roster and Possible Game Mode

Some small new info

by Damian Seeto
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Sports journalist Brian Mazique had a chance to share some new WWE 2K22 news during one of his more recent livestreams. He talks about the released wrestlers possibly being in the game, plus teases a possible new game mode.

YouTube channel SmackTalks summarized some of the best parts of his livestream, and it’s interesting to note that many recently released wrestlers might still make the WWE 2K22 roster. This is because they have a cutoff date that cannot be changed.

Mazique said wrestlers may still be in the game if they had a current contract before the cutoff date was made. It’s unknown at this time when the cutoff date is, but in the past I’ve noticed it has been around April in older games.

There might be some exceptions like the rumored report that WWE wanted Daniel Bryan to be removed from the game entirely. This makes sense since the popular wrestler is soon to join the AEW roster sometime later this year!

He also described the game to be “fantastic” and confirmed the previous report that the gameplay engine has been “completely rebuilt”. He also said the controls are much cleaner and the wrestlers look lifelike.

Finally, he teased that a future wrestling game might have a game mode similar to “MyTeam” from the NBA 2K series. If it’s not featured in WWE 2K22, there’s a chance that it could be released with a future game instead. Since MyTeam makes a lot of money for 2K, it wouldn’t be too surprising if it turns up in an upcoming video game.

That’s all the small news that were shared about WWE 2K22 so far. Bear in mind, Brian Mazique does not work for 2K Games, but this is what he heard from people that have worked on the game. Hopefully 2K Games shows off more gameplay and modes later this year. The game will be out in Fall 2021. Platforms are yet to be determined.