Sports Story Features Golf, Volleyball, and… Dungeon Exploration?

Your golf club may not only be used on the green in this sports title!

by Shaun Cichacki

Gamers looking for a fresh take on a familiar genre need to keep Sports Story on their radar. Coming out exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, this title offers plenty for those who want a humourous romp through the wild and wacky world of sports.

One thing gamers may not expect in their standard sports title, however, is the possibility of taking on quests that will have you exploring dungeons, abandoned ruins, and so much more. While this may sound like it has no place in a sports title, it fits in better than most gamers would expect.

With Golf Story laying the foundation for what this title would become, gamers were treated to a humorous adventure with plenty of twists and turns while striving to become the best golfer in the land. Now that players have had years to revel in their victories, Sports Story is coming out swinging, kicking, and peddling the adventure to new heights, and even more profound depths.

One of the newest features showcased during the November 9th Indie World Showcase is how much further this title is branching out from its original roots. With all of the new sports and activities included in this title, you’ll need to crush the hopes and dreams of literal babies to become a champion on the Tennis Court, all while exploring the depths below the world you know.

It seems that Sidebar Games are looking to put everything they possibly can into this new adventure, bringing new gamers into the mix while catering to those that loved the formula put in place by Golf Story. Gamers that are looking to sink their teeth into this grandiose new adventure will only need to wait a little while longer, as the 5-year wait for this sequel is almost at its end. While those with an Xbox or PlayStation may not get to join in the fun, Nintendo Switch owners have another excellent exclusive to keep their eyes out for.

Sports Story will be available in December 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on November 9th, 2022

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