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Square Enix E3 Presentation Delayed, Now Starting at 10am PT

by Kyle Hanson


Many were concerned after Nintendo revealed that their E3 2015 presentation would take place at the same time as Square Enix’s, but thankfully the latter has pushed their show back by an hour to make way. Square Enix will now host their E3 2015 presentation at 10am PT on Tuesday, June 16th. Nintendo and Square have both had press conferences or other E3 presentations in the past, with Nintendo usually having their Nintendo Direct take place the morning of the first day of E3 at 9am. Square Enix however scheduled their E3 2015 presentation at this time before Nintendo made their official announcement, perhaps thinking that Nintendo was shifting their schedule this year.

What will be shown at Square Enix’s presentation is still up for debate, with Final Fantasy XV likely being a major focus. However, other titles, such as Dragon Quest and Rise of the Tomb Raider could get shown off in some fashion. We discussed our predictions for the show in this week’s podcast, so check it out to hear what we think Square Enix has up their sleeve for E3 2015.

Those who can’t attend the show can watch it via various streaming sites. Check back here for all the news from the event, and links to the streaming presentations the day of.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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