Square Enix Shares New Details for the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster

New sprites, re-arranged music, and more are here for these remasters.

by Noah Hunter
Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

Square Enix has released a brand new section on their website surrounding the Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster. This section acts as a Q&A, which brings about many new details that we previously did not know. The Pixel Remasters were announced just last month, at the Square Enix Presents.

The first and most notable comment made in the Q&A is that Square will bring the Pixel Remaster collection to other platforms if there is enough demand. We think the demand is there for these titles to come over to different platforms, as there was a massive amount of backlash directly after the collection’s reveal for this reason alone. As for the titles themselves, they each bring brand new character sprites, done by Kazuko Shibuya. As for the BGM, Nobuo Uematsu has re-arranged all of it, making this a grand treat for any fan of Final Fantasy’s music. On the topic of sound, sound effects have also been tweaked and reproduced.

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be available on Steam and Mobile only at launch, and Square has confirmed that the games will support both keyboard and controller, giving players the option to play as they see fit. Other new additions include a list of monsters called the Monster Book, which allows you to keep a list of all enemies faced and mark them on the map, a music gallery to play all of the music in the game, and an image gallery containing many illustrations for the title. These are all welcome additions to the remaster for each title, giving players the ability to enjoy and appreciate the music and art of these classics through the various galleries.

Special thanks to Nibellion for compiling all of the new information here. Hopefully, these Pixel Remasters will find their way to other platforms sooner rather than later! We would love to be able to play these on the Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5, especially with all of the enhancements the remasters bring.