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Star Wars: Project Maverick Leaks on PlayStation Store

On a digital storefront far, far away.

by Diego Perez


An as of yet unannounced Star Wars game has leaked online, simply titled Star Wars: Project Maverick. The game and corresponding artwork were first discovered by a Twitter bot called PSN releases, which posts a tweet any time a new title is added to the PlayStation Store. The game itself is just called Maverick, but the iconic font (and the Star Wars logo) reveal that this is indeed a brand new Star Wars game.

Nothing related to Maverick has been revealed by EA at the time of writing, but following the immense success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, the publisher has gone on record stating that it wants to release higher quality Star Wars titles at a faster pace. Last month, though, Kotaku reported that EA had canceled yet another Star Wars title, which isn’t a first for the publisher. However, two Star Wars games survived the purge and are still currently in development according to Kotaku: a sequel to Jedi Fallen Order from Respawn Entertainment, as well as a “smaller, more unusual” project in development at EA Motive.

Project Maverick seems to be this smaller project, although details are scarce as to what it will actually look like. The leaked artwork depicts iconic Star Wars ships like an Imperial Star Destroyer and a fleet of X-Wings hovering over a fiery backdrop, suggesting that Maverick could be some kind of dogfighting game similar to Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Regardless, the ships denote that the game will most likely be set in the original trilogy era rather than the prequel or sequel era.

There isn’t a set release date for Project Maverick given that it hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but it looks like the game will be downloadable in some form sometime in the near future given that it has been added to the PlayStation Store backend. The same thing happened with Resident Evil 3 prior to its official announcement, as well as the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, so there will likely be an update on Star Wars: Project Maverick in the next few months going off of that timeline.

- This article was updated on:March 4th, 2020

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