Starfield NPCs Are the Perfect Photo-Bombers and I Can’t Get Enough of Them

Dialogue conversations can get a whole lot more interesting than expected.

by Gordon Bicker
Image on a moon in the galaxy of Starfield. The player character is visible with their arms open wide and companion Sarah Morgan is next to them. The ship is in the background and a frame has been added on the image.
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Starfield has an abundance of dialogue found all throughout the game and whenever having a casual chat with someone around you, the last thing you’d expect is a sudden interruption from any passerby. Well, I know that has been happening across the community in many hilarious moments that have been getting shared where nearby NPCs have been joining in for a quick few seconds as a conversation proceeds.

One Reddit user had posted on September 7 about their encounter during a chat with Peter. While some presumably delicate job offerings were been made to the player, another NPC tilted his head in from the side of the screen and stared the player down. Almost as if he is conveying a subliminal message while there, and then softly shifts out of frame again without a trace — it was all highly amusing.

I have had my fair share of humorous NPC encounters too and that is in the typical Bethesda Games style. There is a great degree of care and attention put into the interactions you have with others but the small little moments that aren’t expected truly give the game that golden lining of extra spice. Of course, these NPC staring moments have been happening quite frequently.

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X user waywardlaser commented on the differences between quest and normal NPC characters, with the quest characters, of course, having more polish. From the image shared along with the post — an image that has been shared in many places — it is very clear to see this fact. A tilt of the head backward and a cold hard stare seem to be commonplace among many galaxy settlements. I’d be terrified walking through those streets at night, feeling the eyes tracking along my back.

Nevertheless, it genuinely always puts a laugh on the day when you see it happening in your own game. However, it isn’t only NPCs that interrupt conversations, enemies also will sometimes randomly take out your poor innocent talker — as a video originally made by a Reddit user showed. Siren creatures certainly don’t have any chill whatsoever.

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Overall, if you’re planning to make the trip into the Starfield then you can be sure to expect many of these moments happening to yourself. Perhaps you may even be the next proud owner of a viral NPC moment, it all is awaiting you on the planets and moons above!

- This article was updated on September 8th, 2023

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