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Subnautica Announced by Natural Selection 2 Developer

by William Schwartz


Unknown Worlds, the developer who gave us Natural Selection 2, is living up to the studio’s name by announcing Subnautica, a fantastical “underwater exploration and construction game”. The game is currently in early development, and the team is expecting fan feedback to help build it. No platforms or a release date have yet been announced, but the introductory video below shows some concept art.

The giant worm-like creature shown in concept art implies that the depths will be home to terrors not known in real life, which in itself suggests a touch of science fiction. It’s not unreasonable to assume the game will have you build and upgrade your submarine, which you will then guide through uncharted waters.

The official website doesn’t currently have a lot to show, besides the ability to sign up for the newsletter. Their official YouTube channel does have a preview of the soundtrack, however.

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