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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Release Date Set for December

You can play the game starting December 7th

by Kyle Hanson


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will hit Nintendo Switch on December 7th, 2018. The game was detailed today during the company’s E3 2018 Nintendo Direct. Along with character reveals, which included all previous characters from the series, plus a few new ones, we learned about how the game will change on the way to the Switch.

There’s some under-the-hood changes, such as more damage during one-on-one battles, and updated graphics. The game has been built on Unreal Engine and the character models all looks changed in some way. The gameplay largely stays the same, of course, as fans would likely rebel if Nintendo made any sweeping changes to the formula.

We’ll be getting hands-on with the game here at E3 2018, so expect to see some more robust thoughts on how the game looks and feels later on. So far, looking at all the videos released, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate seems to live up to its name. The game is an amalgamation of all the great things from previous entries in the series, plus some new stuff to make it look and feel better.

December 7th can'[t come soon enough for Nintendo fans, as they prepare to do battle in person and online in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch.

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