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Supergiant Games Goes to the Underworld with ‘Hades’

To conquer death, you only have to die.

by Jacob Bukacek

There were plenty of surprise announcements during the Game Awards 2018, some more so than others. The reveals of Far Cry: New Dawn and Crash Team Racing were rumored ahead of time, and Obsidian made a point of teasing their game beforehand.  On the other hand, no one was expecting to see anything from Supergiant Games. The developer has made something of a name for themselves over the past several years as a company that produces very unique and artistically beautiful games, and all their releases have been separated by about three years. If anything, most fans were probably expecting to have wait another year before Supergiant Games said anything about their next project. Yet, here we are with a gameplay trailer for their next project: Hades.

As seen in the trailer, Hades follows the adventures of an unnamed son of Hades, the greek god of the underworld, as they try to fight their way out into the world of the living. It’s a feat assumed impossible by just about everyone in the realm, but our guy is going to try anyway; he’ll do it no matter how many time dies, apparently. If this sounds like a rogue-like, that’s because it is. Our hero is going to die. A lot. It looks like he’s also going to get stronger too thanks to the meddling of the other greek gods like Zeus. Hopefully it will be enough.

In addition to announcing their game much farther ahead of release than usual, Supergiant Games is also allowing fans to try it in early access. Those interested can go to the Epic Games Store right now and give it a shot if they want. Otherwise, it’s going to be a bit of a wait. The trailer didn’t mention a release window or confirmed platforms, so those who want too wait until Hades’ full release will probably have to chill for at least another year.

Hades is currently available in early access on PC through the Epic Games Store.

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