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Tekken 7 Runs At 900p On PS4

by Dean James


Tekken 7 has been around in the arcade scene for a little while now, at least in Japan, but the game is finally getting its much awaited home release in less than a month on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. With that release so close, reports of performance are bound to start coming out and what it sounds like is going to be the final resolution of the game on PS4 at least has been revealed.

Digital Foundry is known for their analyzing of games and systems for performance and they recently had a chance to see Tekken 7 at an early preview event. Moving to Unreal Engine 4, Tekken 7 definitely looks the best it ever has, but that is to be expected.

Their experience with Tekken 7 at the event said the game looks softer than in the past, with it almost having like a movie grain look that is different for a fighter. From their time with the game, they counted the pixels and said the game came in at or just below 900p throughout, which means their target seems to be 900p. The good news is that it’s running at 60fps and they reported no frame rate dips that they noticed, which is very important in a fighter.

They said that they played what is known as the “master build,” which is said to be the present build of the game with the game about ready to go gold. The game was shown off on a base PS4, so they were not able to say anything about potential changes on PS4 Pro. However, considering the game was being shown off on a base PS4, that would seem to show they may not have any major PS4 Pro upgrades.

Digital Foundry also got a chance to check out the game on PlayStation VR as well. Disappointingly, this version only had a training type mode with a VR point of view with the characters having no health bar. The developer told them they weren’t sure if there would be more in the VR mode in the full retail build or if it could be expanded via DLC post-release, so that is something we really don’t know quite yet.

If you’re interested in Digital Foundry’s detailed breakdown of their time with the game, you can check it out in the video below.

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