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Tekken 7 Will Consider Adding More Fighters And Stages From Different Countries

| August 3, 2014

Tekken 7 Will Consider Adding More Fighters And Stages From Different Countries  News  Tekken 7 Bandai Namco

Tekken games usually have fighters and stages from all parts of the world. Tekken 7 will be no different as lots of countries are being considered to be added into the new game.

Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada mentioned on Twitter “I’m considering a lot of countries” when asked about different stages and fighters that could be in Tekken 7. The Tekken series has always made sure to include fighters of various ethnicities. Over the years, fighters have hailed from countries such as Australia, Egypt and Brazil just to name a few.

In terms of stages, many different locations were added in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. One of my favorites in the game was set in Switzerland with a bunch of sheep standing around. It reminded me a lot of New Zealand since a lot of sheep reside there too.

Many fans are requesting to Harada different nationalities and locations that could be added in Tekken 7. Come to think of it, I don’t think a fighter or location from New Zealand has ever made it in to a Tekken game before. Craig Marduk is Australian, but it would be better if a Kiwi fighter is to be added. A tough guy Maori such as Manu Bennett (Deathstroke in Arrow) could be a good template for Bandai Namco to consider.

What new fighters and stages would you like to see in Tekken 7?

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  • Adam Ebrahim Moosa

    Slim bob!

  • RM

    an indian fighter (maybe a gujrati or a JATT)

    • Mandip KB

      i would love to see an indian fighter and india as a stage .the culture is just epic

      • Fair

        Yeah, he would be a slumdog. His fighting style could be a deadly combo of kamasutra and a rapist… Indian stage would be ganga, the world’s worst broken and deadliest sewerage His special abilities can be to throw sh1t at people…

        India is so rich in “culture”….

        • TW

          Do you understand how big India is? Your childish comment is ridiculous… India has far more culture than America and UK put together

        • Assoluto_Fatalita

          Another racist idiot I cannot wait until the ethnic minorities rise and we will. Simple as

        • IROnfISt_Jin

          wats ur D@M problem dud why u speakin shhh abt sum other country?

      • Fair

        Hell no.

        • SWORD


          • Mandip KB

            yeah Fair why not

        • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε

          Tekken needs more black people and manly more grimey looking characters

          I just hooe this game is very dope

          • Assoluto_Fatalita

            Black girls is a must. They look good and can kick ass

          • SynClaiR

            Go to Twitter and search the hashtag “#GiaDupree ” and retweet her. She is a potential Tekken 7 black female character but fan support is needed.

      • Orange Ranger

        Julia and her mom are indian

        • Paging Doctor Tate

          Hindi. Not Native American.

      • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε

        Where is tekken vs street fighter

    • Orange Ranger

      They rlly should give a parry/dodge for low n hi attks command, it wud rlly b awesome. They already hav parries but they’re hard to pull off

  • Iesha Arrington

    A Giesha woman who name A.R.Y

    • Iesha Arrington

      Who from China

  • Richie Rmeezy Mau

    You Should Put Ryder From Grand Theft Auto San Andreas In Tekken 7 He’s Said Kung Fu Master Also You Should Put A Polynesian Fighter In The Game Also Put San Andreas As A Stage In Tekken 7

    • Richie Rmeezy Mau

      Also Put CJ ,Cesar Big Smoke And Sweet In The Game Also You Should Put Snoop Dogg And Ice Cube For A Soundtrack And A Stage

  • jordan

    another japanese ninja figheter

    • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε

      We need some dead or alive dlc

  • Jake

    The stages were fabulous. LOVED that tulip garden and fontana. only flaw regarding the stages was the damn soundtrack. some of them were decent, but most of them just sounded dissonant regarding the atmosphere of respective stages.

  • conor

    I’m from New Zealand so reading this article is great. Also Manu would be a good start, we don’t really have our own martial art but we are known for scrapping and boxing

    • ken

      it would be funny if jake the muss was in it hahaha

  • Trois

    San Francisco(Golden Gate Bridge) or Twin Peaks, Rio De Janeiro, greay wall of China. I think bringing new York back from Tekken 2 would be great.

  • Orange Ranger

    How about a fighter that has no martial arts skill. U know, ur avg man. Swings and kicks like a chump

    • Berhhgha.pharada

      They already have that with Miguel

  • Paging Doctor Tate

    I’d love to see a fighter from the Dominican Republic and a subterranean stage! I like the idea of an Indian fighter too.

    • Berhhgha.pharada

      F*ck no.

      • iiiiiiIiiiiiiiiiIiiiiiIiiiiiii

        F*ck yes

  • YelloWBowL

    How about a fighter hailing from Greece who practises Pankration, or an Indian fighter that practises Kalaripayattu? =D

  • michael bosket

    A Vietnamese fighter

  • michael bosket

    I want a African American female in a fighting game for once.

    • michael bosket

      An Ecuadorean an Cuban an Asian American a Hawaiian a Dominican Republic a anti-American etc:

    • michael bosket

      And we are all awaiting tekken x street fighter.

      • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε

        Thank you

  • Moderator

    A italian guy. They are the most feared affiliated gangs in the world!

    • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε

      U must never heard of chiraq smdh

  • JIN K@Z@M@


  • leon jovovich

    umm welll i want a usa jin kazama …

    • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε


  • Bubbais55

    They need to add someone who does Wing-chun. Then and only then, will i destroy every opponent in Tekken.

  • Mj

    Make someone based on Michael Jai White, the African American fighter from ‘blood and bone’ and ‘undisputed 2’

  • Iron fist !

    Honestly I think you guys should get our race which is Guyanese , we are West Indian and from the carribean some light skin some dark skin, we are a mixed race of many ethnicity , like Asian and European and Spanish, and many more, I just don’t like the fact the Chinese and japananese Guyanese people are never noticed , my name is Andy and thank you for looking at this comment ,TEKKEN 7 GO!!!

  • jerome subia

    a filipino fighter!!

  • JRaye

    i know bruce is a muy thai fighter, but an short tony jaa type character would be sweet! also bring back Gon!!!

  • JRaye

    they should make different school themed stages besides Xiaou’s stage where the kids are standing out front. They should do a gym, cafeteria or court/field themed stage. That would be interesting

  • milflover

    A smaller mma fighter nt skinny but nt big lik Craig. Who would use more of strike n hav a few take dwn techniques. N dnt really care where he is frm

  • milflover

    Both of the laws r really American. So need a Chinese fighter.

  • Xizziano

    I wanna see a Krav Maga user

  • milflover

    Wait sorry we already Chinese fighter my bad

  • Dominic

    I think they should add Character creation, before anyone complains about broken character in term of size, they could make so certain builds are compatible with fighting styles with characters of similar size.

  • JJ Reibel

    how about a French guy? don’t think there are any… He could do Parkour and Savate.


    I’ve been a tekken fan since 1995 and I’ve played and beaten all of them. So as far as gameplay goes, I think that maybe more destructible environments should be added and a lilbit more realistic. I also think that more characters from different countries would be awesome. I really would like to see tekken force mode remade. (does anyone remember tekken force mode from tekken 3)? Please add a revised tekken force mode for the adventure aspect of the game and possibly make it longer and more keys to unlock, for example, unlocking or gaining that golden key to fight and unlock Dr. Bosconovich aka the old man that’s friends with yoshimitsu. I would like to see all classic characters(even if they did get killed by ogre from tekken 3) as the well as new school characters plus additional super new school (as I like to call it) characters and environments.

  • Johnny Merk

    Yo, put in big ass Jeffry McWild. LOL No I want a dude who fights with skates on… call him Johnny.

  • james

    They should add a phillipino fighter to the game. His fighting style for obvious reasons should be Kali. We never had that nationality or fighting style in a tekken game before

  • ????WSHH Ѕλvλɢε

    Tekken vs street fighter?

  • Namae

    I think they should add an african american grandma, a white american teenager boy, a flamboyant filipino and an emo british guy with circular glasses. :D

  • Ben Hopkins

    If Heihachi can have an illegitimate Sweedish son (Lars) then hopefully they will add more characters in the Mishima family (Hopefully on Kazumi’s side because you know she ain’t dead, hopefully Claudio is her son that’d be epic!!)

  • Gevon Brother-Man Sutherland

    If they’re gonna cut Wang, give his style to a Jamaican fighter. If that is done, I will literally only play that character.

  • white turtle

    How about ancient iran fighter or a buddhist centeral asian

  • draw

    I want to kazumi by valid to play

  • Karadimos Dimitris

    A type of Classical Wrestler from Greece or something ^^

  • Karadimos Dimitris

    Think Kratos from God of War (Sadly Jinpachi not Greek and is dead) Greece great history and mythology..

  • DrKiller

    I want to play with Gon again!!

    Who remembers Gon from Tekken 3?

  • Kahmad

    Have a fighter based off Iko Uwais from the Raid series for an Indonesian and Silat practitioner

  • Kahmad

    and we need a Black woman

  • Stitch Homie Quan

    Filipino fighter!!!

  • Billy

    Jack-4? It would be nice to see him seeing as he wasn’t featured in Tekken 4.

  • Hai Pham

    I want to see a vietnamese fighter come in with action

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