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Telltale is Working on a Stranger Things Game

More details are expected later this year.

by Dylan Siegler


Telltale Games, the acclaimed developer of many narrative adventure games, has just added a new project to their schedule. The Walking Dead: The Final Season will debut in a couple of months, and The Wolf Among Us: Season Two will come out next year, and now the studio has just confirmed their next game.

Telltale confirmed earlier today (June 13) via social media that they are currently working on a game based off of the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. They also stated that the game is in development for consoles and computers, though no specifics were given. These were the only real details that were given, though Telltale also said that more details about the game will be coming later this year.

Telltale recently announced that the first episode of their final season of The Walking Dead will launch on August 14. The season will contain four episodes with a season pass currently available for pre-order for $19.99. Those who pre-order on a console will also receive a free copy of The Walking Dead Collection, a remastered collection of all previous The Walking Dead episodes, including Season One, “400 Days,” Season TwoMichonne and A New Frontier. Meanwhile, the second season of the hit The Wolf Among Us, based on the popular Fables comic series, was recently delayed to 2019. It’s probably safe to assume that this new Stranger Things game won’t come out until the second half of 2019 at the earliest, but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement to be sure. While you wait, you can always check out Stranger Things: The Game, a free mobile game that plays a lot like Zelda.

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